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The moment the doctor confirms his wife’s pregnancy Carlo felt a sign of a curse coming to life. It’s the curse caused by his errant grandfather, the curse that doomed his father. The same curse that’s about to destroy him. Advised by his doctor to rest, Carlo returns to his family’s villa in Lucban and there, he meets Carmen, the woman destined to kill her.

Award-winning actor Christopher De Leon plays Carlo, a man who finds himself entwined in a family curse cast by the alluring Rosanna Roces who plays Carmen, a spirit who has vowed revenge on every heir of the man who raped her.

Movie Category: Sexy, Thriller, Horror
Starring: Christopher de Leon, Rosanna Roces, Bobby Andrews, Leandro Baldemor, Dindi Gallardo, Daniella, Alicia Lane, Alicia Alonzo, Tony Mabesa, Lora Luna, Ama Quiambao, Dante Castro
Directed by: Abbo De La Cruz
Screenplay, Story: Uro Q. dela Cruz, Tito Molina