Manikang papel 2008 full movie


A woman every man wanted. A seductress every woman hated. Angela (Ynez Veneracion) is the most misunderstood woman in an old-fashioned town in Lubao, Pampanga. With her inherent beauty, she has become the object of hatred and jealousy by the women of their town. Antonio (William Redmond), a young man, is madly attracted to Angela that he becomes her stalker– almost her shadow. Despite all rumors, Antonio is blinded by his desire for Angela. But the woman of his dreams is in a relationship with the handsome vice mayor of the town (Michael Rivero)- himself already married to a rich but selfish woman (Marissa Garcia). When his wife finds out about the affair, she vows revenge. In front of the townspeople, the wife’s friends beat up Angela. Helpless and humiliated, Angela leaves town. Now, Antonio is left behind not only with a broken heart, but also with a broken dream. Will Angela finally find peace, happiness and true love?